December 3rd, 2010

Q & A - South Park

I'll let you figure out which answer I got

Your loving, wonderful, thoughtful partner tells you he's planned a surprise romantic weekend getaway. He only gives you vague details so you get a general idea of what to pack. Your response is:

"Oh, honey, how sweet! I can't wait to see what you've planned for us!"
"Well, I did make plans for this weekend, but I guess I can cancel them since you've gone to all this trouble."
"If you don't tell me EXACTLY what's happening I CANNOT plan my wardrobe, and if I wear ONE WRONG THING I'm turning around and going home."

Today's lesson:

There's a difference between being able to express your opinion and having people disagree with your opinion; the latter does not negate the former. Neither have anything to do with your first amendment rights unless a governmental entity is involved.

SEE ALSO: Removing all doubt, opening your mouth and (Prov 17:28, et al.)