July 14th, 2010

Joshua's device

Pennsic photo essay

Since people I know often ask, I created a public online photo album of Pennsic, the annual Medieval/Renaissance camping event I attend every August. Here's your chance to see a little bit of what this crazy thing I do is all about. :)


I used about six years worth of photos to create a generic overview of Pennsic - our specific camp (Clan Blue Feather, 'natch), highlights of Cooper's Lake, stuff we do in camp, stuff we do around Pennsic, garb, etc. It's nothing highly detailed, but I think it's a pretty good smattering of things that go on at Pennsic. It's not perfect by any stretch, and I'm thinking this year I'm going to finally seek out a few things I'd specifically like pictures of to add in later to keep this thing updated for future use.

(If other people want to use it to explain to their friends when they get that "WTF?" look on their face when trying to explain Pennsic, feel free to show it to them, too, or even use what I created as a template to create your own, since mine is obviously rather me-centric.)