July 13th, 2010


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Ganked from akirashima, I present:

Famous movie quotes as if written by a proper Englishman

“We must acquire a larger vessel.”
- Jaws

“I’m growing impatient with these malevolent slithering reptiles on this bloody aircraft.”
- Snakes on a Plane

“Toodeloo you ghastly miscreant.”
- Die Hard 1,2,3,4

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My own additions:

"Wherefore we shall cast our gaze upon you, young mistress."
- Casablanca

"I do not think you posess the mental acuity or emotional stability to adequately process the veracity of my statements."
- A Few Good Men

"Prithee give greetings unto my small companion."
- Scarface

"I shall have at thee, o beauteous one, and thine tiny mongrel as well!"
- The Wizard Of Oz