May 27th, 2010


Surviving Mom

Meant to post about the weekend with Mom.

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Meanwhile this week has been... well, this week. Returned Q's rental car Monday, then stayed late at work so he could go to a party. Tuesday we had to deal with house issues, then pick his car up from the mechanic after work. Last night it was Cici's for dinner, then picked up a few necessities at Walmart. Tonight I'll probably cook, and hopefully they'll let us go early tomorrow for the weekend. Q's working, but Kyan, Sev and Matt may stop over on Sunday (Kyan says he wants to go to Pennsic this year, but Q doesn't think he's going to actually do it). I got a bead on a gaming day in Alexandria on Monday which I may head up to, but we'll see how the weekend goes. Next week I'm only in two days, then taking off Thursday and Friday to head up to Philly for a doll con Q is going to.

So, yeah. Lots going on, I guess. Oh what fun. :P