April 1st, 2010


"Date Night of the Titans"

Last night was BJ's, the Verizon store to upgrade the software on our phones, dinner at Panera's, and on a whim picked up a copy of the original Clash of the Titans and watched that.

First, it holds up pretty well after almost 30 years. Second, Ray Harryhausen was really a master at his craft. Third, I was amused by how directors created a sense of "epic" in these films - long shot, close-up of hero, long shot, close-up of heroine, medium shot, long shot, close-up of hero, long shot, 90 seconds of dialogue, and repeat in next scene. Not exactly Jackson's Lord of the Rings, but it amused us both. Finally, Bubo = R2-D2. :)

And now, a French toast bagel. Mmmm...