March 3rd, 2010


More RCC stupidity

Wow, really, Catholic archdiosese of DC? Really?

Way to perpetuate your bigotry by punishing your employees (and the poor and homeless last month).

Honestly, WWJD? I don't think he'd do that.
Rainbow flag

Interesting realization

Several interesting dominoes have fallen of late that lead to an intriguing potential chain of events:

1. So DC is doing gay marriages now. Cool.

2. Maryland's AG also just informed the state legislature that the mini-DOMA they passed last year does not preclude them from recognizing same sex marriages performed out of state (at least until the legislature decides to pass another bill). Even cooler.

3. Several folks where I work have been pushing for same sex partner benefits (or, at least, better benefits - the system they have right now is weird) for a while.

4. Maybe Q and I should get married in DC, then let the college know Maryland now recognizes us as married, and then see them change their benefits accordingly.

5. We could be state-wide heroes and pariahs all rolled up into one.