February 9th, 2010


Back at work

Made it in today, though no one is expecting things to be overly productive, nor that we'll even make it past this afternoon. Hasn't started snowing yet, but it's expected no later than 3:00 or so, and we're looking at 6-12", so tomorrow is probably a wash, too. Plus, secondary roads are still pretty awful, we're doing the whole melting/freezing cycling, and campus wasn't really plowed all that well (parking was a pain this morning).

Still, here, alive, working, whatever. :)

Games, snow and San Diego

Since you people are clearly not posting enough, I will.

I have an overwhelming urge to play Ticket To Ride, and I think I shall play some online tonight.

Still waiting for snow. Wait wait wait.

I had a Marie Callender's turkey and stuffing "steam and eat" for lunch, and it was actually pretty good. It made me homesick for San Diego, so I encourage my SoCal friends to remind me of the things I'm missing by not being there anymore.