February 4th, 2010


End of day thoughts before bedtime

Twitter annoys me. I have one single friend who only does Twitter, and I set up an RSS feed so I could follow him on LJ. Problem is, he's tweeting to other twits, so I have NO IDEA what the conversation is about, as I'm only getting half of it. Oh, well - so much for trying to keep in touch. :(

Star Trek online is here. I'm thinking about trying it out, although I don't think I'll subscribe like I do to City of Heroes. STill, probably worth it just to pilot a starship into a planet. :D

Q got me the only three Farscape novels produced for Christmas, and I'm starting to read them. Now I'm getting all nostalgic for the series, which I miss terribly. I still need to pick up seasons 2 and 4, but I think I'm going to start re-watching the series again - totally worth it. (After that, Babylon 5 and maybe Firefly, which I actually haven't seen - bad sci-fi geek!)

As I mentioned, SNOMG is on the way. Should be fun. I felt compelled to make a last-minute shopping trip to pick up non-electrical necessities, as I was reminded that we often lose power down here, and this one will include a lot of ice. Got a propane burner, heater and lamp (all of which I can use at Pennsic as well), a half dozen propane tanks, and some car snow necessities.

Mom's going to Florida next week for a couple of weeks with friends, and it reminded me we're actually doing some travelling this year - Sacramento for Q's brother's wedding, a trip to San Diego at some point, and hopefully Gaylaxicon in Montreal. Whee!

OK, that's it. Off to do some reading, then sleep, then into work tomorrow for probably a half day until they send us home.