January 21st, 2010


My favorite weather

Thanks for the rain, California! :) (Heh, who ever thought you'd hear *that*? When I lived in San Diego, what we call "winter" on the east coast was called the "rainy season" in SoCal, which consisted of 2 days of rain in December, and 2 days of rain in March. Of everything I missed when I was there, I missed rain the most, so I try to enjoy it every time it rains here, even if it is chilly out tonight.)

Meanwhile, we went food shopping for Gaymas. For the carnivores - turkey. For the herbivores - Greek 3-bean salad. Thankfully Q is getting over his head cold so he should be fine by Saturday.

Finally, why is there a kitteh perched on my shoulder watching me type? Could it be said kitteh is HUNGRY? Naaaaah...