January 17th, 2010


Christmas, revisited

I woke up to wrapped Christmas presents on the bed yesterday (meaning he finally got around to buying my gifts), so we went shopping, went out to dinner, and opened everything up when we got home. Some of the stuff I gave Q he was expecting (they were bought before Christmas with the caveat that they would be considered Christmas gifts), but I managed to get him a couple of surprises he liked. He got me a Sleepy figurine, a big book about cats, a stir fry cookbook, 3 seasons of The Venture Bros., the 3 Farscape novels, Harry Connick, Jr.'s new CD, and a new pair of slippers.

I guess I should also mention what we got from our families. I got a lot of bakeware since I mentioned I didn't have everything I wanted, so I guess I'm going to have to start doing more baking - oh woe is me. :) We also got some cat-themed photo frames, some Christmas ornament frames (also for the cats), two cat stocking holders (of course they have their own stockings!), Harry Potter Clue, a digital camcorder, a digital photo frame, a cat calendar, The Amazing Race DVD game, Michael Buble's Christmas CD, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and a couple of shirts and sweaters.

So all in all, we had a nice holiday, plus we still have Gaymas on Saturday, so the holidays continue. Oh, and tonight I'm going to pick up a free 42" TV his co-worker is looking to get rid of since he went plasma - score for us! :)