January 8th, 2010

Scary Teddy

So much for Friday

"Avatar" was sold out, but it's just as well - snow today. But they still made us come in, and there's enough to warrant giving us off. I mean, really? No classes, no kids, no faculty, just us staff, and they couldn't give us off? Really?

So, yeah. Moody today. Spent half an hour just getting the snow off the truck. And it's cold out. And we may get more. Grrr.
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Rainbow flag

Well, rats. :(

Sorry about the bad news, New Jersey. Our time will come - keep the faith!

Oh, and sorry to hear San Diego Pride's having, er, difficulties. Anyone want to clue me in? So far I've read about inappropriate payouts, firings, and mass resignings. Um, wow? What's the inside story?