December 14th, 2009



If this does not make you smile on a Monday morning, YOU HAVE NO HEART:

Seriously. CUTEST. KID. EVAR! (And for those who don't recognize the song, he's singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.)
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Just got the skinny on why the local UU congregation down here had a schism a couple of years ago. They weren't that big to begin with, so I was curious as to what would cause them to split into two congregations. I thought it might have had to do with calling a minister, but it turns out an overbearing retired pastor and his wife decided to make the place their own, to the point of having to be asked not to attend services anymore, which caused the split. (Of course, where are they now? They decided they didn't like either group, so they're no longer involved! Alas, the damage was already done.)

Whodathunk the UUs of all people would have a schism? MASS HYSTERIA!