December 8th, 2009

Living in paradise

My blood never thinned *that* much...

I am thoroughly amused reading my SoCal friends' entries this morning. I can only imagine how the denizens of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles are freaking out over - Gasp! - frozen water. I would have LOVED to have seen that when I was living there. The only weather I really, really missed from Philly was rain, so don't you guys complain! 72-degree weather for 363 days a year is a cakewalk! Why, in *my* day... :P
Captain's Log...

Worf parenting FAIL

Looks like little Alexander Rozhenko has gotten himself into some trouble:

Drugs? Assault? TATTOOS? I guess he took K'Ehleyr's death pretty hard...

Edited to add: The above is half jest, half shock. I do not mean to imply that tattoos are indicative of anyone's moral character, for good or for ill - it was meant to be humorous.
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