October 30th, 2009


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The cats are looking at me oddly because of how loudly I'm laughing... out... loud... (wha?)

Tim Gunn Is Tired of Your Bullshit

Especially amusing if you are a fan of Project Runway, and even funnier if you saw the Bob Mackie challenge that each and every one of them fucked right the shit up. Only one had noticable feathers, and NONE had a headdress, upstanding collar or weird shoulder piece. WTF, designers? Have you never seen Cher?
Scary Teddy

Happy Halloween Eve!

Are you wearing a costume at work today? If so, what? (I'll post pictures of mine later.) What are you wearing tomorrow?

Wearing a Halloween costume to work is tricky - you want something fun and comfortable, but not too over the top. In the past I've done:

  • Starfleet - very easy, just the uniform tunic with black dress pants and shoes.
  • The Phantom of the Opera - I had a tux at the time, with just the half mask.
  • Bob Dole - this was when he was running in 1996 and I was stuck in a right-leaning office; I wore a suit with a Dole button, clutched a pen in my right hand, and kept saying, "Bob Dole says..."
  • A cat burglar - I wore black shoes, pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves, knit hat and mask, with fake jewels spilling out of my pockets (and my cow-orkers thought I was Batman).
  • A devil - again the tux, this time with a red bowtie and horns on a hairband (that tux got a lot of use).
  • A surfer - my first year in San Diego, with jeans (it was chilly that day), sandals, a Hawaiian shirt and white makeup on my nose.
  • My predecessor in my last job - everyone said we talked the same, worked the same and acted the same, so I just said I was him. :)
  • Medieval-ish garb - it's cheating if you're in the SCA, of course, but it sure is comfy; I've worn everything from generic peasant wear, to a kilt, to a kimono.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some from years past. What are some other easy office-appropriate costumes you've thought of, seen or worn?