October 27th, 2009

Fucked up!

Note to artists:

When taking a commission and rudely demanding extreme (as in, months-long) patience (and getting it) from those who have already paid you and seen nothing, it is unwise to scream, "NOW NOW NOW!" when they are so enamored by your work that they request a second, more costly commission but cannot pay you right away. This is a good way to accomplish several things at once:

  1. Piss them off.
  2. Have them withdraw the commission.
  3. Make for unhappy customers that BLOG about you.
  4. Make you out to be a hypocrite.

When *you* needed more time, it was granted; when *they* need more time, you should be equally as patient, especially considering how patient they were the first time. Moreover, you have other commissions you can work on (or, as you prefer to think of them, get paid for) in the meantime (I mean, it's not like you've even gotten close to starting it yet, as there are about 10 people listed in front of them).

There are lots of talented artists out there, bub. You're good, but you're not that good. And here I thought we had a good rapport...
Oh so gay!


crankyasanoldma must be entertained, so here goes:

What's the oddest place you've lived?

This can be because of the house itself, the street name, the address, the neighbors, the amenities, whatever. Share!

I went to school at West Chester University, and there were two main roads in and out of town. One of them was one way in, so the unofficial school slogan was, "West Chester - Come in Gay, go out High." (And, for the record, I did live on Gay Street for a year or so.) Hee!
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