October 26th, 2009


A quick catch-up

So I took Friday off to take Q to the airport (he visited his family this weekend in Sacramento). It was a pleasant day, and the trees are turning colors, so it was a nice ride up and back. I ran a few errands while I was out and about, including buying a new pair of pants, so it was productive.

Friday night was the local gaming group. We played Betrayal, Rummikub, Transamerica, Management Material, and Tsuro. Next time we want to learn Gloom, and Danny has another game he created he'd like to introduce us to.

Other than that I didn't do squat this weekend except eat junk food and play City of Heroes (when the lag wasn't making me lose connection - it's the Halloween event, so it's a tad crowded). Today it's back to work, but that's ok, and tonight I have to drop my boss off at her mechanic, go to an HOA meeting, and then pick up Q at the airport (then he goes right to work, poor bastard).

Um, yeah. MY GORGEOUS LIFE indeed.