October 15th, 2009

Board games

Gaming update

So did I mention I'm gaming again?

Last year I did some Googling and discovered a group of guys, mostly from base, who were gathering at the local used book/office supply/pool supply/cake decorating/gaming store (I kid you not). Nice enough geeks, but their vibe was less than welcoming, and they seemed more focused on Warhammer and such (which I'm not into), so I didn't feel enthusiastic about going back. (At least I found a local place where I can get games, though.)

This past spring I found out the students had started a board gaming club on campus, so I got in touch and started attending. They're more American board game oriented, but a couple are aware of Eurogames or willing to learn. They're a fun bunch - they even made me their advisor this semester. :)

Then, in September, I was surprised to receive a random e-mail from Meetup.com, which I had presumed was all but dead after they went pay-to-play in 2005. (The uproar at the time was most stupendous - I had an account and followed a few meetups, like the sci-fi group in San Diego, but pretty much gave up on it then, which happened to be around the time I moved here. I didn't even realize I'd changed my profile to Maryland, which is why I got the e-mail, so I was doubly surprised). A gamer new to the area ponied up the bucks and got the thing going. We've met twice so far, and so far everyone is pretty neat (5 of us total so far). Not everyone was familiar with Eurogaming, but they've all been willing to try new things, so much so that we're talking about meeting weekly instead of bi-weekly. I've been doing what I can by advertising around, including posting to some local LGBT lists I'm on, and I think at least one other guy is queer, so that's a plus. :)

So between the students and the Meetup group, I'm back into gaming. Alas, the bulk of my library is still in San Diego, but between me and Danny, the Meetup organizer, we've got enough to keep us quite busy. (Speaking of Danny, he's also a game designer. He created this great card game called "Soaps," which we all really like and will probably play often.)

So, yeah, gaming again. w00t. :)


You know, you see this headline, and you think, "No, that can't be real. They're just trying to get you to read it."

And then it turns out to be true.

A Louisiana justice of the peace refused to grant an interracial couple a marriage license because he doesn't think their kids would be accepted. But it's ok, he says. "I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way... I have piles and piles of black friends." What, in a shallow grave in your backyard, you bigotted fucking asshole?

I mean, seriously, really? Really? WTF?

I can cook?

I'm getting good at this cooking thing. Tonight we had chicken satay with rice, and in the past I've done stir-fry General Tso chicken, and I'm looking for a decent orange sauce (I got one with ginger but didn't like it, and for some odd reason it's hard to find around here). I also picked up a roast to make at some point (I'm thinking crock pot), I've got a turkey breast in the freezer, and we've been picking up spices and sauces and marinades all over the place for the past few months. Even Q's getting creative with his breakfasts, experimenting with a whole myriad of spices.

I have to say, though, that I really get my mother's age-old complaint when we were growing up - it's not the cooking that's hard, it's deciding what to have (and Q's no help at all when it comes to deciding). Q's all about the Atkins, which is fine because I've got to have some kind of meat for the main dish, too, and I'm fully aware how simple yet wonky my own tastes are, but beyond that it's all about what to actually *do* with it.

I need to make two randomized lists - one of local restaurants, and one of dishes we've tried and liked. :)