September 18th, 2009


It's a Thursday

Had a lovely dinner with a co-worker, then gamed with the kids (I'm their new club advisor). Played a couple of games of Carcassonne, and clearly hooked one of them on it. Also got a random e-mail from about someone starting a gaming group in the area, so I'm going to go to that, too, and see how it goes (only 2 of us so far). There's still that group that meets at the local bookstore, but they weren't as inviting as I'd hoped they would be, whereas these other two groups are. Q also scored tickets to see Margaret Cho this weekend, so we're driving to Richmond on Saturday. Should be fun.

Otherwise it's been a slow week. Spent last weekend at Mom's and the doll event, and got a few things done. Took Monday off. Today my boss was out all day, and I was quite productive. Next weekend we're going to DC for another doll event, but a friend is coming down from Philly, and maybe we'll get to see some DC friends (of which we have one these days, looking at Kyan). Then we need to decide if we're going to Sacramento, Minneapolis, Walt Disney World, or the Philippines. :D