September 8th, 2009


It is a puzzlement...

Two problems have been vexing me of late.

First, the upstairs GFCI outlet in the bathroom has been out for a while, which has also taken out the exterior outlets. I've found 4 such outlets in the house and tried resetting them all, but it's still not working (and the other 3 are). It's frustrating, because the wall's not dead, and there doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with the outlet.

Second, I've got an old cassette deck in my truck and I bought an adapter for my CD player and phone, which plays MP3s. Unfortunately, it's got auto-reverse, and for the life of me I can't get it not to keep flipping sides. I've tried two different brands, but no online resources are helping solve the problem right now.

Sorry, just venting. I'm going to keep looking online until I find an answer. Fortunately I think I did solve the problem of Q's car locking up on cold days - snip the right wire and the buggy anti-theft device is no longer a problem. :)