August 31st, 2009


A drunken poll

Q and I were having this conversation over the weekend, so it sounded like a poll to me.

Say your SO gets totally plastered and ends up making out with someone, then can't remember anything the next day:

Poll #1451434 Drunken Make-Out Sessions


Not cheating


Not forgivable

(I suppose the pre-supposition here is that you're not already in an open relationship, but you can answer without that preface if you so desire, or perhaps your rules don't include kissing, so explanatory comments are welcome.)
Q & A - South Park

A clarification

Just to be clear, my previous entry is not something that happened between Q and I. It happened to one of his friend's friend in DC, and we were talking about it because they were talking about it. (I am, however, worried that when I said I didn't think it was flat-out cheating, he got a little gleam in his eye... hee hee!) Now, as for the getting sloshed part... ;)

We're good. Always have been. No worries. Our levels of hate for each other remain at near-epic levels. :D
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