July 22nd, 2009


It's a Tuesday

Productive day at work today. I compiled an instructional binder for half my job and gave it to my boss, and she was quite pleased and relieved to have it. I'm glad she pushed me to finish it today rather than wait until Thursday, because tomorrow I can finish the binder for the other half of my job and still have time to clean up my office, finish up a handful of tasks, and meet with the last few people I need to meet with to train and review stuff. Didn't even need to stay late.

Alas, I got off to a poor start when I got home (nodded off in front of the TV again), but I did get a few things done - finished the pants, mended my kaftan, and sewed the clasp onto my cloak. Tomorrow we're probably going shopping for new cell phones right after work, but hopefully I'll get a couple more things done garb-wise, even if they're just repairing existing stuff. Then it's my last day, a haircut, and my vacation begins! w00t!

Geeking OUT!

Q and I are TOTALLY geeking out right now. My cell phone battery has been on its last legs (again) for the past couple of weeks and I'd been thinking of trading up before Pennsic. We went to the store after work and ended up getting a great deal (even better than what I'd found online) on a pair of LG enV Touch phones. Needless to say - OOOH SHINY BEEPY! We're in new toy heaven, and now I have something useful for War.

(The preceding post was entered using my NEW PHONE I CAN SURF THE WEB WITH OMG!)

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