June 28th, 2009

Rainbow flag

Happy anniversary!

Happy Stonewall Anniversary!

40 years ago a bunch of disenfranchised drag queens, hustlers and faggots stood up, fought back and said, "No more!" I owe the fact that I can live my life openly and honestly in this country to these people, and I will always be thankful for them.


Now everyone go out and do something fabulously gay today. :)

Brutal honesty is not a virtue

Why does everyone seem to think that honesty MUST be brutal? Dears, it's not a requirement; nay, it's really only to be so in the most extreme of cases. The "nice, necessary, true" test doesn't include "nastiness for the sake of it." It's not something to be worn as a badge of honor; rather, it is something to be embarrassed by if it comes to the point of being absolutely necessary.