April 14th, 2009


Of wine and cheese

After talking about it this morning with my co-worker, I sooooooo want fondue now. We also figured out what I did wrong when I did it for my birthday a while back - no wine. Duh. (Of course it didn't help that my plebian friends didn't "get" fondue, so after an hour they all wanted to order pizza. PLEBIANS. I think that's where the wine would have helped.)

Instead, I'm having cookies for breakfast.

Oh, and best laid plans - I was supposed to take the day off so Q and I could go to Annapolis to take care of some stuff, but it turns out he only needed to go to Leonardtown, so I came in to work and will go up sometime later this week on my own. Also thinking of taking next Friday off to do some work up at Mom's before we she gets back from Florida the next day.