April 6th, 2009

Fucked up!

I'd like to stop counting at 4, please...

Just found out ANOTHER one of my friends is now HIV-positive. 3 out of 4 of my HIV+ friends seroconverted during the time I knew them.

I have a lot of anger right now and want to spout off about the ridiculousness of it all, but I'm afraid I'll offend some of my friends here, so instead, I'm going to bed. I'm over it. Goodnight.


It speaks to both the nature of where I live and the attitude I share with my co-workers when we look outside and see it pouring rain and someone comments that they hope the power goes out again so we can all go home.

On the plus side, the same co-worker gave me the extra candy bar she got free out of the vending machine.
Captain's Log...

Who says I don't appreciate the classics?

I don't care what anyone says, The Black Hole is a cinematic MASTERPIECE.


This guy still scares me.

Then, of course there's Anthony Perkins! Maximilian Schell! Roddy McDowall! Ernest Borgnine! Robert Forster! Joseph Bottoms! Yvette Mimieux! Slim Pickens! (OK, the less said about B.O.B. the better...)

And let us not forget the wonderful, dramatic score:

Finally, the ending? PRICELESS. Heaven, hell, fire, angels, eternal damnation, divine salvation, AND deep space exploration. And this is Disney? LOVE IT.

Just a joy to watch again, and I really need to get a spruced up version on DVD if it exists.

I liked this review, although I liked it much better than he did. This part made me laugh, though:

"Watching Dr. Reinhardt set Maximilian on frappé and send him to juice Tony Perkins deeply fucked with me as a kid and still does. The fact that Perkins tries to defend himself using a book full of scientific notes as a shield was lost on me as a wee one. Watching Reinhardt crushed under the weight of his own monstrosity (the ship itself, not his robot) and gasp out 'more light!' is impressive as hell. Who at Disney thought it was a good idea to have Maximilian Schell quoting Goethe in the same movie as a Slim Pickens-bot? It's managerial insanity of the highest order.