March 29th, 2009


A couple of random notes with which to wrap up the weekend

  • Work was stressful last week, and will be this week, but I got my review and there were no surprises; in fact, it was a little better than I expected, but I've long since moved past caring.

  • A Long John Sliver's Silver's/A&W opened up, and eating there reminded me of Pennsic.

  • Q's computer is on the fritz - it keeps randomly rebooting with no seeming rhyme or reason. I thought maybe it was a corrupted profile, but it's doing it again.

  • Q went to a doll show and ended up meeting an old friend of mine from Philly that I haven't talked to in years. Small world.

  • Mom's going to Florida for three weeks with friends who are making settlement on a house there. I think she'll have a lot of fun, and I hope she buys me lots of stuff from WDW.

  • NOTE TO FRIENDS: Please stop getting HIV. Thank you. :(