February 10th, 2009


On computers and pants

First of all, I know I asked this before, but I'm looking for an online backup and/or storage option. I realize Google's probably coming out with something soon, but in the meantime I live in fear of losing all of Q's artwork. I've been looking at online reviews and my head is spinning. I've heard of Carbonite, Mozy, ElephantDrive, Amazon's drive, JungleDisk, SkyDrive, SOS, iDrive, box.net, and a whole lot more. Anybody know anything about this?

Second of all, why aren't belts simply sewn onto pants as the waistband itself?

(I'm so introspective it HURTS.)
Joshua's device

SCA, anyone?

Totally spaced on the fact that Uncle Rashid is coming down to an SCA event local to me on February 28, so Q and I are going. It's called "A Day in the Middle East" and it looks like a pretty relaxing event, so it should be fun (hopefully Q has off that night so he can enjoy the whole day). With luck Uncle will stay the weekend - yay!

If anyone else is local or in the DC/MD/VA area, let me know.