January 25th, 2009

Obama/Biden Pride

Veepish observations

I like Joe Biden, but Joe, seriously - you'd think being the fourth most-senior Senator you'd have learned by now. Leaving behind his many gaffes before this election (and there are plenty!), first he calls Obama "clean" (which dooms his bid), then he says Hillary might have been a better choice for VP (made in jest, of course, but still), then Jill slips about him being offered Secretary of State, and then he digs at Roberts' oath flub (which was deserved, but if you watch the clip, Obama doesn't seem very amused). You're a smart (probably too smart) guy with a lot of things to say (probably too much), but really, c'mon, Joe - let's not give the radical right any more fuel for the fire. (And really, I think we really don't need any more Bushisms or Quayleisms for another 4+ years!)