December 12th, 2008


Friday survey - Hooray!

For some reason while driving to lunch today I was trying to come up with different ways people cheer, or just shout general exclamations. For example:

  • Boring white folks like me say, "Hooray!", "Yippee!" or "Yahoo!"
  • Shakespeare would have said, "Huzzah!"
  • SCAdians from the East say, "Vivat!"
  • pinkvinylangel taught me, "Opa!" (and he's ever so cute when he does it)
  • Those in the Army, Marines or Navy might say, respectively, "Hooah!", "Oorah!" or "Hooyah!"
  • Jews would say (at least under certain circumstances), "Mazeltov!" (I know that's more "congratulations")
  • Some Chinese friends of mine say, "Aiyah," but I think that's more of a term of frustration or shock
  • adventdragon taught me the Filipino expression, "Ay nako!" which is also sort of exasperation or surprise
So what am I missing?

The best Christmas party we never attended

Left work on time, got home, got changed, printed out directions, wrapped gifts, killed battery in car, got in the truck, stopped for gas, hit the road, engine cut out, pulled over, stressed out, took deep breaths, called AAA, called host with regrets, towed to mechanic, left note, ran to bathroom, walked to restaurant, ate dinner, had drinks, walked to supermarket, bought eggs, called cab, rode home, changed into jammies, hugged kitties, posted on LJ.