November 4th, 2008

Obama/Biden Pride

Adios, McCain

McCain's a classy guy, and that speech showed it. It's a shame he allowed the people running his campaign to resort to mudslinging and negative tactics (although I think this has been one of the cleaner presidential campaigns of my adult life, and I realize a lot of people disagree with me on that issue). I really think that damaged his reputation.

It's a shame his audience didn't share in that class. It was pretty tacky to boo Biden, but I can give them that - they did just lose.

McCain fought a good, hard campaign, and I might disagree with him, I'll give him props for being a good American and doing what he thinks is best for his country.
Obama/Biden Pride

A political retrospection

And may I say, I was always a Hillary supporter, but looking back on what's happened, I now have my doubts that she could have won it against McCain, and I think Obama would have had problems with her as VP. I know there were a million variables that could have affected either campaign, but just seeing the way things worked out, I just have this feeling, which is a shame, because under different circumstances I think she would have made an awesome president.