October 31st, 2008


A blessed miracle!

When Q started "collecting action figures" (i.e., buying toys and dolls), under the pretense of using them as models for his artwork, tonight, for the very first time, I saw him actually doing so. After 3 years of display cases, dolls taking over the house, and quite a bit of money, he finally gets around to living up to the cover story.

Needless to say, I took pictures. :)
Scary Teddy

Happy Halloween...?

Happy Halloween, y'all.

Nothing in my costuming wardrobe sang to me today, so I didn't wear any to work. I was terribly busy, but made sure to leave on time so I could get home to put up stuff for tonight:

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All that work, and for what? 20 kids! That's it! I was done by 8:15. WTF? I figured because it was a Friday night we'd see more kids since they wouldn't have school tomorrow, but I guess that meant they could have more parties so there were less trick-or-treaters. It doesn't help that we're at the end of a dead end, so if no one else up towards the main road is giving out candy (and none were), no one bothers to check if anyone else was (and no one was - as far as I can tell, I was the only house giving out candy - even the ones that got all decorated were dark!). Last year we had a bunch and I almost ran out, but this year I've got many bags to take into work. Blah.

Well, at least the cats had their Halloween fun:

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Finally, the "take a pic of your desktop" meme, from jayjaybear:

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