September 6th, 2008

Obama/Biden Pride

More Palin info

Posted as much for my own benefit as to challenge those who are masturbating wildly to Sarah Palin, I present "About Sarah Palin", an e-mail written by Alaskan Anne Kilkenny about her personal experiences knowing and living in the same town as Palin. I heard an interview with Kilkenny on NPR on the ride home, so I looked it up when I got home and was very interested to read more about Palin. Not all good stuff, but fairly accurate information from one woman's point of view.

Now of course I'm not voting Republican, but the more I hear about Palin the less I like, not only because I'm strongly opposed to her politics, but because McCain is older than dirt and she's just about the last person I'd want to be president. Granted there are a lot of racist nutjobs out there so I'm sure Obama's Secret Service personnel are going to be kept rather busy, but should the worse come to pass, I have few problems with Biden taking over.