August 31st, 2008


The story so far...

Doug and Bob are metropolitan policemen with a difference. Doug likes nothing more than slipping into little cocktail frocks, while Bob bouffants his hair for a night on duty...

Er, actually, I stayed late at work on Friday so I could get enough work done that I could take off Monday. Alas, we don't get Labor Day off since that's when the students return for the semester, but since we don't actually have classes a lot of the non-essential people manage to swing the day off anyway. (Me, they owe a couple days comp time, so I'm taking it.) Afterwards I came home, made dinner for me and Q, and then he went to work and I went to bed.

Yesterday we both got up late and were hoping to make it up to DC in time to see Kyan's new apartment, but didn't leave until about 6:00. Instead we headed straight to Fogo de Chão, a Brazilian barbeque restaurant, where our friend Matthew was having his going away party (he leaves for California in a couple of weeks with the Navy). After waiting an HOUR for the guest of honor and his entourage to arrive (grumble grumble), we had a very, very nice dinner, if rather expensive ($225 for the just the two of us - yowza!). If you've never done Brazilian barbeque, I highly recommend it - it's such good food, and such an amazing amount of MEAT. I was the last one eating, and I think I might have even outdone Q, which is quite a feat. I especially loved the bacon-wrapped chicken and any red meat that was well done. Yum! :D

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Afterwards they decided to head to Town but we declinded and instead went and surprised Kyan by showing up at The DC Eagle where he works. The expression on his face when he rounded the corner and saw me of all people was priceless, let alone his reaction when he realized his parents were looking at him in his underwear. :) We hung out there for a bit, and then headed home.

The rest of the weekend Q is working and doing more doll stuff, and I'm working on various household chores, like bills and laundry. We're likely heading up to Mom's in a couple of weeks when he has a rare Saturday off, and she's said I can invite some of the Medians over if I want to do the birthday thing early. Oh, and she also told me on Friday that my Evil Sister is now officially divorced, my troublesome nephew is going to community college for the semester, my oldest nephew headed off for his last semester of college before graduating in December, and my Good Sister is mad at me for not calling her on her birthday. D'oh! (It always falls during Pennsic and I'm always a horrible brother for not remembering.)

So, anyway, I gots bills to pay. :P See ya!