June 19th, 2008



So I haven't posted about the slash con I went to, or Pride, or our anniversary...

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So all in all a lovely weekend, even if I didn't find anyone who shared my fandom, nor did I get inspired by anyone else's. However, I must give a shout out to the VERY friendly and welcoming slashers, including the bright and sparkly justacat, the highly amusing barbana, and the proud new owner of an Adipose, brak666. Thanks for a great weekend, and many thanks to minotaurs for both the membership and letting me hang out with him all weekend. I've no doubt that I'll attend another slash con soon, hopefully the next one in San Diego at least, and hopefully some of the folks I met will come to Gaylaxicon this year in DC.

*Not that it was all that hard - ask me about my fandom!