June 8th, 2008


Auntie Em! Toto!

T'was an interesting week. Wednesday I spent the day in Waldorf with Quincy, going to the orientation for an at-home class I'm taking for work through CSM in the morning, and then having lunch and doing a little shopping while we were up there. Wednesday night there was a tornado watch in the area, and we got some serious rainfall. Got into work Thursday and we didn't have power for the first half of the day, and just as I was running out of non-computer things to do and was thinking about going home, the power came back on, but still no phones or net, so it was still a wash of a day. We were also out our student worker for the week because of a family emergency, so that didn't help either. Did have a productive chat with my boss about stuff, so that was good. Friday was just Friday.

This weekend has been HOT (like 94 degrees) and blah. Q had to work Friday night and Saturday night, so tonight we're having a date and going out to dinner, 'cause we're special like that. I got a few things done around the house (burned some stuff off the TiVo, laundry, worked on his resume, tortured the kitties), but of course not nearly enough.

OK, time to go. :)