April 22nd, 2008


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The NYC Comic-Con was quite fun. We left after lunch on Friday, drove to the train station, hopped on the bus, and got to NYC in very good time. It left us off right near everything we needed to be near, and the cost was right, so I'd definitely recommend it and would do it again (although next time I think we'll try one of the other carriers instead of Greyhound). Had a fight with Expedia over the hotel room, but ended up with a refund for one night, so it worked out.

Saturday we hit the con, and I am excited to report that I have a new boyfriend:

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All my pictures are uploaded onto my Fotki album if you want to take a look at the other folks we ran into.

Saturday night we went to the reunion concert of Kids in the Hall, who were of course hilarious. They brought back some of everyone's favorite characters, including Gavin, Cathy and Kathie, the Chicken Lady, the Headcrusher, and, of course, Buddy Cole, who waxed poetic about Jesus being gay. (I also did not know that Buddy Cole had a blog, although it looks like it's not being updated anymore.) Afterwards we stopped at Junior's for cheesecake.

Sunday we went back to the con for another once-through of the floor (not as big as San Diego, of course, but still very impressive), and hit the "Gays in Comics" panel before leaving back to the bus and heading home. We stopped at Applebee's for dinner and were home by 10:00 to find two somewhat miffed kitties who were reluctantly happy to see us, I'm sure.

Quincy picked up a couple of comics, a few more figures, and two Wonder Woman dolls at a pretty good deal. I got three games - Zombie Fluxx, Kill Doctor Lucky (the board game version), and a card game whose name escapes me at the moment, but it involves making horrible things happen to your own character in order to win Gloom (thank you, jsciv!). Derek's big purchase was the wooden sword, we bought a Wonder Woman doll for Bobbi, and I picked up a couple of gifts for folks as well.

So, a busy weekend with lots of walking and travelling and spending too much money, but all in all it was a lot of fun and worth the trip. Quincy wants to go to the Wizard con in Philadelphia in May, and minotaurs already bought me a membership to a slash con in DC in June, and then we'll see. Whee! :)