January 17th, 2008

Pride House

My gorgeous life, examined

I cleaned out the pantry last night. No one can stop my reign of terror.

I discovered several important things while doing so:

  • We have too much junk food
  • I still have food that I had in San Diego
  • Q does not eat anything I eat except meat (GUTTER, OUT, NOW)
  • I think I have headed off our weevil problem
  • The cats like shelves
  • It will never stay this organized
I should have taken pictures.


I have switched my LJ over to S2 because I read in the 2007 wrap-up thread that you can expand collapsed comments using the Expressive series of layouts, and that's reason enough for me (I *detest* auto-collapsed comments). So yeah. Not real thrilling, but there it is (it was between this one - Minimalist Blue - Inked Blue, which had a blue feather, or Typekeys Rainbow, which had rainbow typewriter keys, but I went with something simple). I'll be fiddling with it over the next few weeks as I learn more about customizing, I'm sure.

So, as a test, I would like more than 50 replies to this thread so I can test said uncollapsability.


Edited to add: By God, it works! Not nearly as well as I'd hoped it would, but it's a start.