January 6th, 2008


The first weekend of 2008

Posh and Prince are running around the house like idiots chasing each other. So kyoot. My mom called and said my youngest nephew had to get a staple in the back of his head after falling and hitting some cement while playing after his older brother's Eagle Scout ceremony. He's a clumsy little bugger. Quincy's out clubbing with friends, so I'm home watching old school Doctor Who, doing laundry, and going through some boxes of junk I really need to get rid of. 'Tis nice to be home alone.

Next Friday is our Gaymas with our friends, so that should be fun. I'm not expecting any jaw-dropping presents, but I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever I get. Speaking of, I never really posted about the loot we got for Christmas:

  • 6 Fiestaware place settings + various extra plates and mugs
  • VCR/DVD recorder
  • Swivel Sweeper
  • Spice rack
  • Electric knife
  • Hermey ornaments and other tree ornaments
  • A couple of gift cards
Plus a few other odds and ends, but those were the big ones. It was good to see the family, although next year Q says he wants to spend it with his family, which will be full of hilarity, I'm sure.

Work is work - busy and interesting, and sure to just get busier this semester. Classes haven't started yet, but I've still got lots to do to get ready for them, so hooray for job security. The busy-ness is the reason I haven't been blogging or reading blogs lately, but hopefully you'll all tell me if something big and important happens. :)

New Year's Meme

Please share something you think I should do or try to do in 2008. Big or small, silly or earth-changing.

(I'll even allow anonymous comments for a while for this one.)

Oh, and apparently Prince would like to say, "11111111111111111111111111111111111111111" :)