November 11th, 2007

Joe Boys

Say hi to the new kids

They are brother and sister, the boy having the white face and the girl being all grey. :D

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Essentially we were meant to get them - a family dropped them off this morning because they are moving and couldn't take them with them, and we were looking for a pair that were already socialized to each other, and a brother/sister pair were perfect. We stopped in just to look today, but needless to say, their evil cunning cuteness won us over, and pending a clean bill of health from the vet, we can pick them up in about a week. Time to start kitty-proofing the house, plus a shopping trip for much-needed kitty supplies! :D

The best part is, you get to help name them! We're debating over a bunch of different names, some more silly than others, but we're soliciting ideas. Any suggestions? :)

Weekend wrap-up

Well our friend Greg surprised us this morning by banging on our door after a year in Afghanistan. Turns out he got home last night, but with no cell phone couldn't reach us (he didn't have our numbers anymore, and we were out at a party). It's great having him back home. He's going to stay with us for a couple of days until he checks back in on base.

Other than that, a nice weekend. The boys went out clubbing Friday night, but I stayed home and cleaned the house. Saturday we ran some errands (including picking out our new kitties, if you didn't see them already), and last night was the party. Today was spent catching up and celebrating by eating out, then those that have off tomorrow went out clubbing again, but Q and I have work, so I'm off to bed shortly.