July 26th, 2007


Vacation starts a little early

My boss just left saying she won't be in tomorrow because of her pregnancy, and she's going to see her doctor this evening. Whether she goes into labor or not, that means I won't see her again until October (and my last day will be boss-free, for the most part). Interesting times, indeed, especially considering I could have used a little more guidance in some of the tasks I'll be doing in her absence. Yoinks! But no worries - I think I got a handle on it, and I know who to call with questions.

So, is it Pennsic yet? :)


Oh, had a long chat with another creative friend and he came up with yet another train of thought about naming the art biz. *sigh* I'm glad I'm not waiting on this to actually get started, but still, it's kind of important. Hopefully I'll have an epiphany at Pennsic. :)