June 29th, 2007


This week

Not much to report so far this week.

Monday I spent combing through the mortgage and putting together the entertainment unit. Q was home sick Tuesday, so I spent time nursing him back to health (mostly - remember, he's the doctor). Wednesday was another banner day at work, and Q called out from the hospital so we did more stuff around the house like putting up shelves and whatnot. Last night I got home and tended the grounds, we got a haircut (even though I was an hour late because evidently I've forgotten how to tell time), and spent the rest of the night cleaning the house like crazy.

Tonight Derek will probably come over and we'll chillax. Q's working on Saturday, so I'm hoping to clean up the garage, pay some bills, and play some CoH.

At some point I really want to get a VCR/DVD burner combo for both saving some old tapes and dumping some stuff off the TiVo. Anyone have any suggestions?