June 25th, 2007


A mostly boring weekend - yay!

Friday night was sloth, punctuated by Kyan, Derek and his new friend Justin (?) Jordan coming over, me helping Q put up shelves in his closet, and watching Kathy Griffin's "Everybody Can Suck It." I think we had crab cakes for dinner. Later they went ghost hunting at Point Lookout (and found a dead body, presumably), while I stayed home and played CoH.

Saturday we headed to Ikea and spent a whole lotta money, but we're pretty much done all the major furniture shopping for the house now. We stopped for dinner at Famous Dave's, but I wasn't feeling the charbroiled hamburger I got. Kyan, Derek, Justin Jordan, Matthew and Michael all came over, and we watched Eddie Izzard's "Definite Article." ("Day 1: Rang bell, cat fucked off.")

Sunday was more sloth, but I did manage to put together the other half of the entertainment unit (tonight I wrestle with putting it all together). Kyan, Derek and Justin Jordan came over yet again, so we went out for Taco Bell and KFC, watched some TV, and I got to see Q's redoing of the master bedroom, which turned out quite nicely. On the one hand, I love living in this house, but on the other hand, I wonder if we've put more into it than is worth it, since we're planning on leaving next year. I'm trying to focus on what we can take with us more than what we'd leave behind.

Today I want to die because I'm back at work.

That's all.
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I know that voice...

It's nice to know my superhero mutant power is still strong. Last night we were watching an old episode of Justice League Unlimited and I recognized two voices (the first from Benny & Joon, the second from Star Trek: Enterprise). I also picked up on the fact that they'd gotten a new voice for the Martian Manhunter (I suppose since Andreas Katsulas died). I am teh kewl.
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