June 12th, 2007

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Pride weekend - Friday

So this past weekend was DC Pride...

Friday afternoon Derek met me at the house when I came home from lunch, and then Q took off from work a little early, so it was a fully house by the time I got home. Kyan came down, I made dinner, everybody bitched and moaned that we were leaving too late (as if we had big plans), and we finally hit the road in Kyan's SUV, wherein we learned Kyan is Edward in the car - constantly fiddling with every button, dial and knob an average of 13 times per second. We also learned that Kyan has discovered the longest possible route to get into any part of DC, which was quite impressive since it's hard enough to get in via a normal route.

We finally made it to the Hilton Washington, where I had negotiated a sweet rate despite not being able to book it online. It's a fab hotel with nice ameneties, it's in the middle of everything, and I hear tell it's where Reagan got shot. It also just got bought by Magic Johnson. We checked in, they changed, and I dropped them off at Apex, 'cause I wasn't about to go out clubbing if I didn't have to. Instead on the walk back I got some tea, stopped in a couple places shopping, went back to the hotel and watched TV for a while before going to sleep (they stumbled in at some hour, drunk as usual, bless).
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Pride weekend - Saturday

Saturday we slept in, had brunch at Circa, went shopping around DuPont ("Let's get some shoes!"), met up with Derek's friend Andy, went back to the hotel and lounged around the pool while Derek "picked up" Miss Sable Carriage, and then headed over to 17th to watch the parade. We met up briefly with Matthew and his boyfriend Michael before the parade, but we were sitting in different spots and it was getting crowded, so we both stayed where we were.

Same parade, different city, for the most part. I saw the UUs, of course, and MCC, and a friend of ours marches with one of the bands in town. As usual, PFLAG got the largest and most sustained amount of cheering and applause, which I always get a kick out of. Otherwise, pretty bland - the only drag queens were in the parade (and the one standing next to me), and I don't remember seeing any floats from the area bars or clubs.

Afterwards we caught up with Matthew and Michael and went back to the hotel to ditch Miss Carriage. We ended up eating at Thai Chef (which was less stellar than it has been in the past), but Matthew and Michael declined to join us as they got into a huge fight over nothing. Silly boys. We did a little more shopping, went back to the hotel to change again, and this time I just waved them off at the door of the hotel room. :) They came back earlier than I would have expected, but they said the place was overrun with lesbians and they weren't digging on the music.
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Pride weekend - Sunday

Sunday we got up, checked out, had brunch at Afterwords (which was also less stellar than usual), hopped a cab and went down to the festival. We met up with Andy again, and also Kyan's friend Ryan. Again, same festival, different city. I did stop by and say hi to the MCC folk and the Lambda SF boys, plus made sure to make our way to the HRC and SLDN booths, and I got kissed by a cocker spaniel. Picked up more useless swag, of course, signed up for a few mailing lists, and felt all proud and such. Q, Kyan and Ryan seemed unable to resist the pull of alcohol, so we dropped them off at the beer garden for a while so we could actually look around and enjoy ourselves. Derek and Andy got crotch blessings from the Radical Faeries, who I haven't seen out and about in ages, which may have been the highlight of the day. :)

We finally rounded everyone up, headed back to DuPont, picked up Kyan's car (he reluctantly let me drive since he was probably OK to drive, but he'd had a couple so everyone else wanted me to drive), and headed out. We stopped at a Chinese buffet in Waldorf on the way home since everyone's "Pride diet" was now officially over, so they all indulged in carbs galore. We got back to the house and Derek and Kyan immediately took off, as we were all just wiped out from the weekend, including me, so I went to bed early.
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My thoughts on Pride

So another Pride weekend come and gone. I often quip "same rainbow crap, different year," and for the most part it's true. Still, it's a great time to people watch, and I still go and look at the booths to find groups I might find interesting. One thing I've noticed over the years is a serious change from just having flyers to having something to give away to interest people in your booth, be it as simple as a bowl of candy to buff guys handing out lube samples. I've seen it all before with cons and working San Diego Pride for so many years, and I even find myself looking for the booths with the best swag.

All in all I'm still impressed with the amount of diversity we have in our community - sports groups, religious groups, ethnic groups, political groups, professional groups, you name it; from the police department's GLBT liaison office to "Dykes on Bikes," from your local gay real estate agent to the naked bear retreat, you truly can find someplace to connect to if you're willing to. I think it's neat. :)
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