May 30th, 2007


Back to reality

Because short LJ entries get more replies, I'm going to break up my weekend and deep, philosophical thoughts over several entries. Try to keep up, m'kay? :P
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Friday was fun. I left work early to go get my eyes examined, and my prescription changed for the first time in a few years. Ah, well - gettin' old. Kyan, Derek and Matthew came over and we got pizza and watched Over The Hedge, which is always amusing. Kyan's latest chew toy came over for a few minutes to say hi, and in that short time managed to completely trash Matthew's new boyfriend in absentia - how rude! Didn't stay up too late since we had to get up early Saturday...
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Saturday morning we got up early and headed up to DC to visit with Q's fag hag Bobbi, her new boyfriend Jeremy, and her sister Mary Rose. We met up with Bobbi and Mary Rose a few months ago in Philly, and it was very nice to see them again, but the big thing was finally meeting Bobbi's boyfriend Jeremy. Evidently he was very nervous about meeting Q (probably as nervous as I was about meeting Bobbi for the first time when Q and I started dating), but also about meeting a bunch of queers in general, as he's lived kind of a sheltered life. He had nothing to worry about, of course - he was a little quiet, but we all enjoyed meeting him immensely. (He's also kind of a gamer/sci-fi geek, so I particularly enjoyed chatting with him when I could, although we kept splitting up so I didn't get to talk to him as much as I'd have liked to.)

We spent the morning at the Air & Space Museum, walked through the Natural History Museum for a while, did a little (well, I did a *lot*) of shopping at the H&M store, then headed back to the hotel and went shopping at Tyson's Corner. Derek and Kyan met up with us briefly but decided they wanted to hang out in DuPont Circle for the afternoon, so they went their own way.

After a lovely Thai dinner, Bobbi & Jeremy crashed, I dropped Quincy off at Apex with Derek and Kyan (after their sexcapades at the bathhouse), and Mary Rose and I went back to the hotel, watched Planet of the Apes, and fell asleep. The 3 drunkards stumbled in around 3:30 am...
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We got up Sunday, checked out, and the original plan was to meet at Jaleo for brunch, but Bobbi beat us into town, and with about 400K bikers were in town for Memorial Day, trying to fight traffic quickly wasn't going to happen, so we decided to hit a local diner instead.

Afterwards we did finally make it into town so we could all hit the Spy Museum. Q and I had done it before, but it was fun doing it with new people and getting to see some stuff we missed last time. After that it was a snack at Ruby Tuesday's, dodging a sudden downpour, and saying our goodbyes and heading home.

Derek and Kyan hadn't joined us for the museum, so they were already home. We ended up just hanging out and making plans for Monday...
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Memorial Day

Matthew had said he was going to bring over hamburgers on Monday, so we decided to fire up the grill and have a feast. For some reason everyone was in the mood for crab cakes, plus we had steak, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, shrimp, and homemade pasta salad. We bought Flushed Away to watch, but we also bought Scene It!, so we decided to play a round of that after dinner, and then we played Dirty Minds, a cute little guessing game that would probably be more fun if everyone's drunk. :) But then the holiday was over, so it was back to work...
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Tuesday was quiet, punctuated by my 6-month review which I didn't know I was supposed to get. I got "satisfactory" in everything, and in the few areas I got "needs improvement" it was only because those are things I'm supposed to be doing but they haven't handed it over to me yet, so it's not a negative thing. So I guess I'm officially off the probationary period and am a "real" employee (whatever that means).

I went for my follow-up eye appointment after work, then went shopping, which is never good when I'm in the mood. I picked up a few necessities, including some new shirts and pants, which I desperately need, so I guess I don't feel so bad. I came home, had something to eat, and promptly fell asleep watching The Universe on the History Channel. I woke up groggy around 11, went to bed, and woke up when Q got home from work, then back to sleep...
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Today, alas, has been dull. Still no word on any of my interviews, but I don't think that's a bad sign. I'm really tired of this job (as I've said many times) - everybody's just all up in my bidnez all the time. It's kind of creepy in a way. Ugh.

Tonight I'm going to try to work on the bills again, tomorrow night is cleaning night, and this weekend we're off to Mom's. We also need to do some more house shopping, including two sets of shelves and a gazebo for the backyard (I finally found one that will fit under our balcony).

So, in other news...
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Cthulu For President

Business loves discrimination!

I am so amazingly angry at the Supreme Court's ruling that victims of discrimination have only 6 months to file a suit. The arguments against this are based in reality, whereas the Court's refutation is strictly literal and very tunnel-vision, IMHO. I mean, it's not like your employer is going to say, hey, I'm going to go ahead and cheat you out of fair pay, so you've got 6 months to get yourself prepared. And the business community's cry of "we don't want to pay for past mistakes" is amazing cowardice and stupidity. I hope Congress will take the minority opinion's advice and change these laws to protect the victims, not the perpetrators.
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LJ worries

One more before I head out for the day. :)

I'm hearing disturbing reports of LJ deleting journals and communities left and right based on a single complaint, and not a very valid one at that. This worries me, especially since I've already invested in a permanent account, and all along there have been assurances after assurances that LJ would *never* indiscriminately delete journals, let alone without notice or discussion. Very disturbing...
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