April 23rd, 2007


Monday weekend wrap-up

Fabulous weekend home for Mom's 70th. She was quite surprised at some of the folks that showed up, so it was all worth it. Q and I bought her a TiVo, and I think she's already hooked. My Evil Sister has 3 of them (and now we want the 80-hour, 2-tuner version we got Mom). My Good Sister is convinced there's subliminal advertising in those things. So, um, go buy a TiVo. one of us, one of us...

On the way home we went a completely different way home which was much more scenic, 30 miles shorter, but took just as long. We stopped off in Annapolis to go to church for the first time in almost exactly a year (and after getting a letter saying if we don't start coughing up the buckage we're getting taken off the rolls, heh).

Today was a "thank you" breakfast for our department at work, which was nice, if boring. And then the day was boring. BOR-ING. I long for a new job.

That's it. :P