April 4th, 2007


My first post via e-mail!

OK, let's see if this thing works. I'm not sure that the HTML
formatting will come through or not, but this is just a test anyway.

And take note, jbriggs and scout1222 - at least
you can post from work, even if you can't read it. It's
something, right?

Um, other than that, I got nothin'.
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Brain... melting...

Is this day over yet? GAH!

Totally revamped my resume, and damn I'm presentable! Let's hope the
places I've submitted it to think the same.

Q went to the dentist today and got prosthetic teeth and has his smile
back and is all cute and stuff. Tonight we go get our hair cut. WE ARE

Did I mention I like posting via e-mail?
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Not *too* suspicious...

OK, my fellow eBayers, what do you think of this? I bid on a somewhat hard-to-find item, and am the highest bidder. I check in before the auction ends, and I notice that earlier another buyer - one with zero feedback and who created an account that same day - has put in multiple bids but did not manage to outbid me. All is well, but it makes me go, "Hmmm..." Then, at the last minute, I am sniped and outbid by another buyer - this one with 1 feedback, even though the account was created in 2003. So, I lose the auction, but those, to me, are two red flags of shill bidding. I reported the seller and will be curious to see what happens.

Anyone else ever have to deal with this?