December 21st, 2006


Last day before vacation

Horribly slow today. I have a few things to do, but am disinclined to do them, as I am slothful and there is practically no one here. In fact, I'm stuck here until 5:00, and may very well be the only one left at that point.

Started Christmas shopping last night. Q, bless, is doing portraits for his family for gifts, but I'm stuck shopping. I enjoy it, of course, but even figuring out what to get everyone is a pain.

So off tomorrow, then we head up to Mom's. Saturday we'll do our last minute shopping, then Saturday night is the Annual Margibtinlin Board Meeting & Holiday Party, hosted this year by Lee. Should be amusing. Still debating what debauched gift to bring for the gift exchange. Then it's Christmas at the Good Sister's, stay up a few days to work on stuff around the house for Mom, then back home for New Year's.
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