December 20th, 2006

Hunan human

Episcopalian schism?

Interesting opinion piece in the Washington Post today about the Virginia Episcopal parishes who have split from the denomination:

Whether it was the thought of a woman presiding over God's own country club or of gays snuggling under its eaves, it was all too much for a distinct minority of Episcopalians. The dissident parishes in the Virginia diocese contain only about 5 percent of the state's parishioners. But it's the church the defectors have latched on to that makes this schism news.

In slamming the door on their American co-religionists, the two largest parishes, which are in Fairfax City and Falls Church, also announced their affiliation with the Episcopal Church of Nigeria. The presiding Nigerian archbishop, Peter Akinola, promotes legislation in his country that would forbid gays and lesbians to form organizations or to eat together in restaurants and that would send them to jail for indulging in same-gender sexual activity.
I'd thought that the Baptists were on the verge of a schism, and now it seems like the Episcopals are as well. And it's one thing to have a theological difference of opinion (as bigotted as it is, and certainly not one I agree with), but to align yourselves with someone who wants to take away fundamental human rights? Yeah. I'd say those Virginians were hoodwinked and didn't know exactly who they were aligning themselves with, but somehow I think they know perfectly well who they're lying down with.

Today's earth-shattering observations

Two things - one, I notice that although I'm doing an ok job right now, my mind is definitely in the "I don't think I'm going to be working in this department for very much longer" mode, which may be a bad thing if the new job doesn't pull through as expected (the students are also all gone and tomorrow is our last day before break, so things are unusually quiet anyway); and two, an advantage of my previous job was being on my feet 4 hours at a time, so I think it's time to start taking stock of the Christmas goodies I'm consuming.


Oh, and Adric is gay. Just sayin'.
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