December 14th, 2006


Christmas is coming along nicely at Pride House

Put the Christmas tree up last night, although it's a tad bare for the moment. Also put the Christmas decoration stuff away, which cleared up the space for us to finally put our new dining room table actually in the dining room. Q is already looking at corner units to finish off the area, plus a bar for the opposite wall. We expect to have just about every piece of furniture we need by the end of January - only took us a year. :D

I need new Christmas music. Last week I ripped all my CDs at work so I could listen to them, and I'm already tired of them. I've got:

Collapse )

Q and I were out shopping and I saw at least three albums I wanted to pick up - Enya, Jim Brickman and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra ones, plus I think John Legend put out a Christmas album, too. They'll have to go on my wish list.

We've already decided we're doing Christmas after the new year, not only with our friends but for ourselves, too. We'll have just enough money with my first full paycheck to get stuff for my mother, sisters and the kids, but that's about it. I get another paycheck right after Christmas, so that'll put us on track to celebrate better (and to hit the sales!).


Just found out that I'll be needing some positive energy on Monday morning, and since it's worked pretty well for me in the past, I figured y'all wouldn't mind if I imposed again. :)
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