December 11th, 2006


Here there be Christmas, yar!

I guess the holiday season has officially kicked off with the first few parties. Friday night we took 3 friends up to DC for the annual party Q's minister and his partner throw, which was quite fun. Saturday Q had to work, and I spent the afternoon doing the bulk of the rest of the Christmas lights (a lot of lights for our little house). Some friends came over and we watched "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," which Q and I hadn't seen when it was in theaters and we enjoyed a lot. Sunday I went to the college's staff Christmas party, but it was hardly worth the effort (I did meet the President and one of the VP's, though, so that was nice).

Put in my application today. We shall see what we shall see. It would be uber nice to have that much money, but as it is what I have will do us just fine for the near term (although my first paycheck can't get here fast enough - we're even delaying Christmas with our friends here until after the new year because everyone's broke).

Otherwise life is good. Yay good. Yay life. Yay me. :)

Addresses, please

I'm not guaranteeing any holiday cards, but I would like to update my address book since everyone's in the mood. I know I got a membership to an online interactive address book somewhere along the line, but darned if I can remember what the frell it was.

In the meantime:

Poll #886716 Addresses!

Gimmie gimmie gimmie

Edited to add: Ah, yes - it was Shows you how much I use it.
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A memorable day

Told my boss about applying for the new job since he's on the search committee. He was very positive about it, and even encouraged me in the pursuit, but also recused himself from the committee in case things don't swing my way. So we'll see what happens.

Today is also the 3rd anniversary of my dad's death, so here's a little something to remember Bud by:

"Now is the time, now is the best time, now is the best time of your life!"
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