May 22nd, 2006


In a lame attempt to start updating again...

Lovely weekend - we had dinner at Ledo's and saw "Over The Hedge" Friday night with Derrick, went to a friend of Q's son's 4th birthday party and I got to meet some of his DC barkada on Saturday, stayed at Edward's overnight, helped him settle into his new place, and went shopping at Ikea on Sunday. Big whoop. Spent today at work, then got some gardening done in the front, broke some lights in the back, and watched some stuff on TiVo.

Been playing City of Heroes again, need to pay the bills for the month, and am looking for another job as this one, as much fun as it is, is going nowhere. Bah. Probably not going to Philly this weekend, may go up next weekend for a comic convention and to see nazcr while she's in town. Looking like I'll be missing Gaylaxicon next month as well, which is amazingly depressing. I hate money. bah.

Was missing San Diego and my friends there today for some reason. Kept hearing lenniersd saying, "Have you met me?" in my head today. Made me laugh. Ugh.

Off to bed. Much to do this week.